Manchester bombing: Beach Boys pay emotional tribute to terror victims at nearby concert

Express UK
The group were playing in Scarborough and called on the gathered audiences to  hold a moment of silence.

“Our job as artists is to spread joy and peace and love,” Stamos told the crowd.

“And most importantly to bring people together through the power of music.”

Bruce Johnston added: “The violence in Manchester Monday evening was heartbreaking.

“Our prayers tonight are with all the victims, the wounded and their loved ones.”

He continued: “We stand with the people of Manchester. We stand with all of the U.K,” said Beach Boys band member Bruce Johnston.

Mike Love added: “We stand with all those who cherish freedom. We’ve been bringing young people together for 55 years.

“We are all those kids at the concert tonight. They are in our hearts forever.

“Please join us for a moment of silence honouring all affected by this horrific event.”

According to People, the entire crowd stood in solidarity during the tribute, with the song The Warmth of the Sun dedicated to the deceased.

It was written on the morning of the Kennedy assassination and released in 1964.

Ariana Grande, whose concert was the setting for the cruel act of terror, Has suspended the rest of her European tour through June 5.
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  1. All The Love In Paris (Featuring Dave Koz) Mike Love 0:35
  2. Getcha Back (Featuring John Stamos) Mike Love 0:25
  3. Daybreak Over The Ocean Mike Love 0:31
  4. I Don't Want To Know Mike Love 0:27
  5. Too Cruel Mike Love 0:32
  6. Crescent Moon Mike Love 0:23
  7. Cool Head, Warm Heart Mike Love 0:30
  8. Pisces Brothers Mike Love 0:36
  9. Unleash The Love Mike Love 0:40
  10. Ram Raj Mike Love 0:30
  11. 10,000 Years Ago (Featuring John Stamos) Mike Love 0:30
  12. Only One Earth Mike Love 0:30
  13. Make Love Not War Mike Love 0:40
  14. California Girls Mike Love 0:30
  15. Do It Again (Featuring Mark McGrath & John Stamos) Mike Love 0:30
  16. Help Me Rhonda Mike Love 0:33
  17. I Get Around Mike Love 0:35
  18. Warmth Of The Sun (Featuring Ambha Love) Mike Love 0:36
  19. Brian's Back Mike Love 0:50
  20. Kiss Me Baby Mike Love 0:36
  21. Darlin' (Featuring AJR) Mike Love 0:33
  22. Wild Honey (Featuring John Cowsill) Mike Love 0:36
  23. Wouldn't It Be Nice Mike Love 0:32
  24. Good Vibrations Mike Love 0:35
  25. Fun Fun Fun Mike Love 0:33