Good with the Soul: “California Music Presents Add Some Music” Features Beach Boys, Friends, Family

Good with the Soul: “California Music Presents Add Some Music” Features Beach Boys, Friends, Family

March 1, 2021

BY  Joe Marchese

“Add Some Music to Your Day,” The Beach Boys’ paean to the power of music, anchored the group’s 1970 album Sunflower.   The song’s imagery conjures music from the seemingly mundane to the undeniably transcendent, expressing the belief that “the world could come together as one/If everybody under the sun” would add some music to their day.  Now, the gentle, uplifting Brian Wilson-Mike Love-Joe Knott anthem is anchoring a new album for a very worthy cause.

On April 23, Omnivore Recordings will release California Music Presents Add Some Music, featuring the participation of Beach Boys Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, and David Marks as well as members of the extended Beach Boys family: Brian Wilson’s daughters Carnie and Wendy; Carl Wilson’s son Justyn; Mike Love’s children Christian, Hayleigh, and Ambha; and Al Jardine’s son Matt.  Spearheaded by David Beard, the editor and publisher of the long-running Beach Boys journal Endless Summer Quarterly, this special record will benefit Feeding America at a time when so many families in the U.S. are in need.

Previously, California Music was the moniker of the Bruce Johnston and Terry Melcher-led group that briefly recorded for their Equinox label in the mid-1970s.  It’s certainly an apropos name for this Beach Boys supergroup.  Their new rendition of “Add Some Music to Your Day” has been produced and arranged by Rob Bonfiglio, husband of Carnie Wilson and a multi-talented member of the Brian Wilson Band.  Carnie and Rob’s daughter Lola Bonfiglio even joins in on the track.  It’s featured in three distinct mixes on the album: the final one, an a cappella one, and an instrumental one.  A single edit of “Add Some Music” is currently streaming at all of the usual services, and there’s no doubt that there’s something special about hearing Messrs. Love, Jardine, and Johnston together again with so many family members and friends.

The collection is rounded out by contributions from many of the key artists.  Mike Love supplies “Ram Raj,” a version of which appeared on his 2017 album Unleash the Love.  Al Jardine offers “Jenny Clover,” previously a digital-only single from earlier this year.  Bruce Johnston delivers “She Believes in Love Again” which he first wrote for The Beach Boys’ 1985 self-titled LP and recorded again in 2006.  (It’s unclear whether the latter version is the one which will appear here.)  David Marks pays homage to the late Carl Wilson with “Long Promised Road” which he performed on the 2006 tribute to Carl, Under God.  Longtime Beach Boys and Brian Wilson sideman Jeffrey Foskett lends his cover of the Youngbloods hit “Get Together” (from his 2000 solo album Twelve and Twelve).  Rob Bonfiglio brings his solo talents, too, with “Golden State.”  A version of the song appeared on his 2014 LP Freeway.  A cover of The Beach Boys’ 1968 “Friends” is also featured.

A portion of the proceeds from Add Some Music will go to Feeding America.  David Beard comments in the press release, “Getting together these incredible talents in order to help those in need is as good as it gets, and when it comes to the music of The Beach Boys, it makes sense.  We get to listen to music while helping others.  It’s ventures like this one that make the future a little brighter.”  Mike Love adds, “‘Add Some Music to Your Day’ brings to mind almost a decade ago when Brian, Alan, Bruce, David, and I gathered around the piano during the 50th reunion tour.  It’s a real joy to listen to this new incarnation of the song recorded with so many family members.”  Al Jardine concurs: “It’s been a great pleasure to be involved in this new version of ‘Add Some Music to Your Day,’ something we should always be doing – and having the proceeds go to the charity Feeding America to help feed the hungry is something I truly believe in.”  David Marks notes, “I am honored to be part of this worthwhile project, especially with the other Beach Boys.”

The full album arrives from Omnivore on CD and digitally on April 23.  You’ll find the track listing and pre-order links to Add Some Music just below.  Don’t forget to watch the music video for “Add Some Music to Your Day” here!

Various Artists, California Music Presents Add Some Music (Omnivore OV-421) (Amazon U.S. / Amazon U.K. / Amazon Canada / Omnivore)

  1. Add Some Music to Your Day – featuring Mike Love, Al Jardine, and Bruce Johnston
  2. Ram Raj – Mike Love
  3. Jenny Clover – Al Jardine
  4. She Believes in Love Again – Bruce Johnston
  5. Long Promised Road – David Marks
  6. Friends
  7. Get Together – Jeffrey Foskett
  8. Golden State – Rob Bonfiglio
  9. Add Some Music to Your Day (A Cappella Version) – featuring Mike Love, Al Jardine, and Bruce Johnston
  10. Add Some Music to Your Day (Instrumental Version)
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  1. All The Love In Paris (Featuring Dave Koz) Mike Love 0:35
  2. Getcha Back (Featuring John Stamos) Mike Love 0:25
  3. Daybreak Over The Ocean Mike Love 0:31
  4. I Don't Want To Know Mike Love 0:27
  5. Too Cruel Mike Love 0:32
  6. Crescent Moon Mike Love 0:23
  7. Cool Head, Warm Heart Mike Love 0:30
  8. Pisces Brothers Mike Love 0:36
  9. Unleash The Love Mike Love 0:40
  10. Ram Raj Mike Love 0:30
  11. 10,000 Years Ago (Featuring John Stamos) Mike Love 0:30
  12. Only One Earth Mike Love 0:30
  13. Make Love Not War Mike Love 0:40
  14. California Girls Mike Love 0:30
  15. Do It Again (Featuring Mark McGrath & John Stamos) Mike Love 0:30
  16. Help Me Rhonda Mike Love 0:33
  17. I Get Around Mike Love 0:35
  18. Warmth Of The Sun (Featuring Ambha Love) Mike Love 0:36
  19. Brian's Back Mike Love 0:50
  20. Kiss Me Baby Mike Love 0:36
  21. Darlin' (Featuring AJR) Mike Love 0:33
  22. Wild Honey (Featuring John Cowsill) Mike Love 0:36
  23. Wouldn't It Be Nice Mike Love 0:32
  24. Good Vibrations Mike Love 0:35
  25. Fun Fun Fun Mike Love 0:33